Viking Tales

Immerse yourself in the world of new boardgame Hnefetafl: The Vikings Tales and lead your troops (handpainted figures) to victory in a strategic game (leather board) for up to four players! Play as a various characters from the Viking history and mythology while competing with your friends in various scenarios that we have prepared for you.


Are you tired of boardgames with books full of rules? Do you want to play with friends but by the time you all understand the rules the party is over? Not with our boardgame! It is fun and simple!


Thanks to simple and clear rules, all your friends and family will enjoy the boardgame! Regardless of age, Hnefatafl is a game for everyone! Relax in a pub, or take it with you on your sightseeing trip, there is no a bad place to play it! Feel the Viking inside you.


Hnefatafl is a tactical boardgame that not only fun, but also develops skills such as logical thinking, decision making and helps improve your imagination! It is a great tool for your kids’ development! Also it’s a good way to make homeschool or afterschool activities be more efficient and interesting!

What you will find in the box?

Over 50 figures! (hand painted or ready to be paint made of SLA resin or metal!)

A board made of plywood or a portable version made of natural leather

The rules for the classic two-player version based on the Copenhagen variant

Game rules for a four-player game with the inclusion of a brand new scenarios

Hnefatafl rules

The game of Hnefatafl began its life in Scandinavia over 1600 years ago. It’s name is often translated to “Kings Table”. The first mentions of the game rules came from botanist and naturalist Carl Linnaeus. Over time, many different rules of the game has been developed. Traditional Hnefatafl is a tactical game, where two players command two Vikings forces. One player’s goal is to maneuver his king to safety, while the other one has to prevent that, and ultimately capture the king. In Hnefatafl The Viking Tales, we decided to diversify the gameplay a bit and add a 4-player mode with different variations presented in the Sagas that bring famous Vikings and even gods to the game!